What’s with the Hippo?

Hippo is a new kind of design resource. Where visual creativity is a given (take a look at some of our work and decide if you agree). A service that’s about you and about what you need from state-of-the-art graphics.

So, although we’re going to have to talk about us, a Hippo never forgets that it’s his clients who make the difference.

So, who would want to be a Hippo?

You’d be surprised! The Hippo is supremely well adapted to his environment. He’s a superb operator. Don’t be deceived by his size. Or think that he might be a little slow. When he sees what needs to be done – and that doesn’t take long – he moves surprisingly quickly. And powerfully. And in exactly the right direction.

In short, the Hippo delivers.

How do you work with a Hippo?


You work in the ways you want to and need to. The Hippo knows that things have changed. His clients have more time pressures and more delivery expectations on them than ever. That’s why he likes to work quickly, intuitively and expertly. There may not be the luxury of a full brief. There may be a need to react in real time, as content changes by the minute.

No problem. Nothing fazes a Hippo.

Creativity. Excitement. Perfection.
You see, the Hippo just isn’t into ‘there or thereabouts’ or ‘close enough for jazz’ or ‘good enough for corporate’. The Hippo is about brilliant, stunning, exquisite, original. The Hippo likes the communication to be as strong as the brand. The Hippo is just a bit picky when it comes to quality. That’s why nobody fails to notice design by a Hippo.

What can you expect from a Hippo?

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